30 Days of Spandex – Day 31 – Lone Wolf Billy McCoy

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Okay so guys here I am right. And I’m browsing facebook. I’ve got my wrestler friends on there, and this guy shows up on my feed. He’s not a new face to it either, I’ve seen him come up a lot recently. Like way more than any decent wrestler should. See, having all these wrestlers on facebook, the only reason I start to see specific names is if someone dies, someone retires, or someone is so fucking ridiculous as a core concept that it’s tough for the people who do this for a living to not point and laugh on a reliably repetitive basis.

Billy McCoy didn’t die. He didn’t retire (mostly). So as Sgt. Hartman said, “Texas? Only steers and queers come from Texas… and you don’t look much like a steer to me, so that kinda narrows it down.”

So seriously can anyone tell me what the fuck is going on here? From what I can gather, this fucking guy has a facebook feed plastered with 1996 AOL style humor and inspirational quotes, talks like an absolute third-rate Ultimate Warrior ripoff when he’s not being painfully dramatic, for example:

Man I really need to form an ego, maybe back stab my friends. Spread rumors about others & bury the crap out of them. Then maybe I too have a chance. Or get one.

-Lone Wolf Billy McCoy

April 10th, 2014 via Facebook

And most people, -most- seem to either be worried about the guy or think he’s absolute bat-shit loony. There are two exceptions. The first is a guy who – despite my absolute zero level interest in wrestling – has my respect as a worker and character, Jordie Taylor. The second is The Natural and I saw his buttcrack once when he took a bump so there’s that.

I may be alone on this. But facebook-wrestler-drama is one of my most cherished sources of entertainment. The whole entertainment aspect of the industry combined with the characters, combined with the fact that Lone Wolf Billy McCoy uploads minute long videos of him struggling to get his fedora-wearing neckbeard-sporting face into frame, it’s such a harmonious pairing.

I wanna stress that none of this has made me want to put a single dollar of my money into watching anyone beat anyone up. That’s important. Like, I really just wanna make it clear that this is totally stupid and silly and makes everyone involved look significantly more stupid for being in this hurricane of high-functioning autism’s mix. But I’ll be damned if I’m not bewildered, baffled, intrigued, and possibly slightly sexually aroused by the shitslinging I’m witnessing. Self-awareness is a super important quality in a wrestler. It seems to be the one thing that keeps these guys sane. When you’re living a gimmick like a lot of wrestlers tend to do, it’s super important to be able to make a lateral step back, to realize that you’re not the fucking Ultimate Macho Hogan Kawada Dude. This guy, this beautiful beautiful possibly insane man, has seemingly no ability to do this, and the more I think about it the more I toe the line between being exceptionally enthralled and somewhat worried.

Actually fuck it I don’t care.

But seriously.

What the fuck.

EDIT: His facebook says he’s from Thrash Wrestling. This explains fucking EVERYTHING

R3 – Results, Recap, Review – ECCW Redemption, 05/27/11

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Artemis Spencer defeats Ice by submission (Artychoke) and retains the belt.

Pete Powers and Veronika Vice defeat Tony Baroni and KC Spinelli by pinning Baroni – Pete Powers earns an NWA/ECCW Canadian Title rematch.

Jamie Diaz pins The Divine Prophet.

The Bollywood Lions (Gurv and Harv Sihra) defeat Cam!!kaze and Brady Roberts by pinfall.

Ravenous Randy defeats the Cremator and Moondog Manson in a Thumbtack match after pinning Moondog.

Rick pins Alex Plexis.

Azeem beats Ray Brooks by submission.

J-Sin Sullivan pins Scotty Mac.



It’s always unfortunate when ECCW has to start a show with a ten-bell salute. Macho Man of course passed away, and without prompting, every ECCW fan was on their feet for the bells. As soon as the salute ended, one fan – bless his heart – changed the sombre nature to exactly what ECCW fans wanted – a celebratory, joyous atmosphere. All he had to say was “OOOOOOH YEAH!” and ECCW fans were ready to dive right into the show. Whoever you are, thank you. I thought that was wonderful.

Sadness aside, we cut to Patrick McClorey. He attempts to announce something, but is instantly interrupted by Ice. He talks about how he “left this hellhole to go be a star in Toronto”. The crowd hates him as if he’d never left, and “Shut up!” chants quickly ensue. Ice tells the crowd that “[he] starts the show, so this show won’t start until I shut up!” As soon as he says that, Artemis Spencer comes out and forces him to shut up.

Artemis Spencer vs Ice – NWA Canadian Junior Heavyweight Title Match

Ice starts this match by snatching the NWA Canadian Junior Heavyweight title. He doesn’t have a good grip on it though, and it goes flying into the crowd. People have a good laugh at Ice’s comical botch, but things quickly get serious as Artemis starts in with his signature chain wrestling. The crowd is eating it up, and moving out of the way when Artemis hits a moonsault from the second turnbuckle to Ice on the floor. As the two come back into the ring, Artemis loses control of the match as Ice pushes Bill Taylor onto the rope, and Artemis goes tumbling genitalia-first to the unforgiving turnbuckle. Ice takes control for a while, but Artemis eventually gets it back with a hurricarana from the top rope. Ice begs for a reprieve and is met with a kick to the face. Knowing Artemis won’t back off, Ice tries a powerbomb, but can’t quite get it and gets met with another kick right to the face. Ice immediately takes control back however, as he hits the Ice Kick off of an irish whip, turning Artemis inside out! Eventually, Artemis is on the second rope and Ice comes over to take him down, but Artemis locks in the Artychoke! They’re on the ropes, so he can’t get a victory, but he can when Ice powerbombs him to the floor. Artemis releases for a short, fleeting second before locking it right back in, and Ice taps.

Patrick McClorey tries to talk but is once again interrupted, this time by Pete Powers. Powers summed up his attack on Baroni and said that Baroni got counted out like a coward. Powers demanded a rematch, and Baroni responded. The crowd loves Baroni more than normal tonight, and that’s saying quite a bit. In short, Baroni lays out a challenge. Mixed tag, Baroni and KC Spinelli against Pete Powers and a partner of his choosing. The Natural instantly jumps in, and you can see where this is going. Veronika Vice comes out, and we have a match.

Pete Powers and Veronika Vice vs Tony Baroni and KC Spinelli

Powers and Veronika jump Baroni and Spinelli before the bell. However, the heroic fan favourites get the upper hand as Powers and Vice tumble to the outside. Spinelli vaults off of Baroni – Hardy Boyz style – to the outside. Baroni dives himself, and eventually KC and Veronika end up in the ring. Baroni and Powers tag in and Baroni gets the advantage for a while until Vice pulls the rope down causing Baroni to tumble down to the outside. The heels dominated for a while. Pete Powers has a sick leg-drop, by the way. KC Spinelli gets the hot tag and eventually tags Baroni back in for a big dropkick. Spinelli later gets devastated by a big boot from Powers, as Powers gets taken down by Baroni. As Baroni goes up for the Baroni Sandwich, Natural interferes, Powers hits his finish for the victory. After the bell, Baroni gets hung up with a microphone cord wrapped around his neck. Powers gets threatened with a fine again, and he relents.

Divine Prophet vs. Jamie Diaz

Diaz started the match well, having the match perfectly in his hands. However, after he hits a picture-perfect suicide dive on The Divine Prophet, Diaz takes too much time getting in the ring, Prophet catches him in the ropes and hits him with a rope-assisted neckbreaker. Prophet uses exclusively dirty tactics to keep Diaz down, but Diaz catches Prophet in mid-air and hits him with a fallaway slam. Diaz tries for his axe-kick, but it’s reversed into what I can best describe as an inverted cutter. It turns into back-and-forth action for some time until Prophet throws Diaz head-first into the turnbuckles and goes to the top for a big splash. He gets a 1-count off of it, lets Diaz up, and tries for his neckbreaker. Diaz reverses, and hits his axe kick for the victory.

Cam!!kaze and Brady Roberts vs. The Bollywood Lions – ECCW Tag Team Title Match

Cam!!kaze has lost his mask since the last time he’s wrestled in ECCW. But he hasn’t lost his talent, as he starts out with some armdrags and superfluous flips. Brady Roberts tags in and continues to work on the arm of one of the Sihras. The Albertans bust out some incredibly unique offense that causes both Sihras to take a break on the outside. It doesn’t help, however, as the Albertans keep the pressure on. Brady chases Gurv around the ring as he exits again, and the tide turns with some help by Harv Sihra. Brady starts to get beat down for a while, Cam!!kaze gets tagged in and takes control. The match starts to break down and Brady gets a single-leg Boston crab on both members of the Bollywood Lions – much to the crowd’s delight. Gurv hits a beautiful elbow drop on Cam!!kaze, Harv tries to make him tap out but Brady Roberts makes the save. It goes back and forth for a while until Cam!!kaze misses a Shooting Star Press, and the Sihras take advantage, and double team Cam!!kaze for the pinfall victory.

Moondog Manson vs Ravenous Randy vs Cremator – Thumbtack Match for the ECCW Hardcore Title

Before this match can even start, Mike Sweester interrupts and adds The Cremator to the match, as Cremator helped the Administration in some way. This match is fairly insane. Weapons are everywhere. Manson and Ravenous double teamed on Cremator intermittently throughout the night. Deeds and the mystery man on the outside beat down Randy Myers. Eventually, Cremator brings out the tacks, but Moondog stops him in his tracks. I guess Moondog just really likes pouring thumbtacks. After a piledriver into the tacks, Cremator gets pinned by Myers as he hits Moondog with a stop sign. Myers makes the pin, much to Moondog Manson’s dismay. He challenges Randy Myers to a Barbed Wire Circle of Fear match in Surrey. The challenge – of course – is accepted.

RICK vs. Alex Plexis

Plexis takes the early lead on this one, blocks an eye poke from RICK quite expertly and RICK goes to the outside for a break. This turns out to be a bad choice as Plexis hits a tope. RICK fires back as they get back in the ring however, slowing the pace down with a headlock. Nobody really has a dominant control over the match for the rest of the encounter, until RICK hits a TKO for the 1-2-3.

Azeem the Dream vs Ray Brooks

Azeem fails to jump Ray before the bell and Ray starts beating him down. Ray busts out a rare Japanese armdrag, interesting. Azeem and Ray go to the outside and give the fans a tiny sneak peek of the upcoming main event, as they fight all the way to the merchandise table. Back in the ring, Azeem takes a dominant position and tries for his finisher, but it is reversed and Ray hits a shoulder tackle and a top-rope diving clothesline. Ray’s Rocker Dropper is reversed, Azeem locks in a butterfly camel clutch for the tap-out victory. After the match, Nicole Matthews comes down from the announce table, grabs Ray Brooks by the ear and drags him to the back. Sid Sylum’s music plays.

Sid Sylum Return

Sylum and Azeem embrace in the middle of the ring. Sylum later lariats Azeem behind the Natural’s back. The Natural turns around to see a knocked out Azeem and Sid staring him down. Stallyn Smith tries to save the Natural, but he’s given a big boot and leaves as quick as he comes in. Then, Bishop comes in and Sid runs for cover. As Sid walks to the back, facing the ring, Pete Powers blindsides him and Sid ends up back in the ring. Sylum then eats a Bishop Bomb and the Natural Selection stands tall.

Scotty Mac vs J-Sin Sullivan – Falls Count Anywhere

Sweester grabs the microphone before the match starts. Basically, anyone who can take out J-Sin will gain huge favour with the Administration. Nobody answers the call immediately, so Scotty Mac is left on his own for a while. Smac stalls for a while, but it doesn’t help as J-Sin gets his hands on Scotty. Scotty tries in desperation to escape, but it doesn’t help. J-Sin tosses Scotty into all of his Administration companions. The match spills to the outside, J-Sin throws Smac into the metal grate beside the bathroom. V gets punched in the face. It’s chaos, it’s pandemonium. Dropkick Murphy returns to help the Administration. Scotty hits J-Sin with two superkicks in the ring, but he sits in the corner and the admins can’t drag him into the middle of the ring. The delay allows J-Sin to go wild with a chain and eventually pin Scotty with a chain-assisted second rope elbow.


It was stellar, what can I say. The opener was great, Ice hasn’t lost a step despite wrestling in the crappiest parts of Canada. The mixed tag was unusually memorable for heel Pete Powers, and KC didn’t do too bad either. Diaz vs. Prophet was meaningless, however. It was just a match, same with RICK v. Plexis. Both matches were good in their own ways, but matches need meaning to be great. The tag title match was great. Although Brady and Cam!!dumbname don’t look like a tag team at all, and Brady looks like a guy who got lost on the way to the beach and wandered into the ring, the match was still fantastic. The Thumbtack match was benefited greatly with the addition of Cremator – and it was chaotically marvelous. I was surprised at how good Azeem and Ray Brooks worked together. I thought it was going to be a lot worse than it was, but thankfully my pessimism was wrong. I’m incredibly glad to see Sid Sylum back, and as a babyface too, which is something that ECCW fans haven’t really seen yet. I think he’ll do incredibly well in the role, just as long as he doesn’t go too white-meat. The main event is my favourite J-Sin Sullivan match yet, and although that isn’t saying much, credit where credit is due and all. Sullivan did well. So did Scotty. It was a great end to a great show, and only makes me want to watch the Pacific Cup more.

Pacific Cup Delayed, Redemption Tomorrow, Assorted Opinions

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So in case you haven’t already heard, it’s true. The Pacific Cup has been pushed back two weeks to the 18th of June. Personally, I agree with the change. June 4th was just too soon – hell, I had no idea that it was coming up that soon. I was working on an article relating to the Cup, thought I had tons of time, then suddenly, hell no, it’s next week. So I’m incredibly down with this.

Onto other news, ECCW Redemption is tomorrow, and it looks to be an interesting card. Ice is returning, and we’ll see how much all that time in the stupider parts of Canada affected his wrestling – if at all. He’s facing Artemis Spencer, which means that no matter what, it’s going to be a damn good match. Speaking of returns, we get to see Cam!!kaze again, a guy with a ridiculous name, but a pretty sweet look and from what I remember, he’s decent in the ring too. Cam!!!!!kaze teams with Brady Roberts – whoever the hell he is – against the Bollywood Lions. It’s pretty fair to say that the Bollywood Lions will take this one, but I’m always open to seeing new wrestlers. Smac and Sullivan wrestle in a falls count anywhere, I’m not really looking forward to it (everyone by now should know my opinions on Sullivan) but it could be surprisingly good, considering Scotty Mac’s talent. In other hardcore action, Moondog Manson and Ravenous Randy face off in a Thumbtack match. What I want to know is – considering it’s for the hardcore belt – if someone uses a chair in a thumbtack match, is that a big no-no? This is important information, people! All jokes aside, it’s going to be good. Randy and Manson both specialise in hardcore, so it’ll be a hell of a spectacle. RICK faces off against Alex Plexis, which will be good if only for the chance to see RICK be the fantastic asshole that he is. And finally, The Divine Prophet vs Jamie Diaz is likely to be a good one too. I’m excited.

What I’m not as excited for, however, is the previously mentioned Pacific Cup. There’s far too many former champions, and almost zero potential (unless Nick Price shows up ripped to shreds and wrestles even better than his best) for a breakout performance. It’ll still be a good show, just not as important as past Pacific Cups. Put Jordie Taylor in that shit! He’s basically the near future of ECCW, and even if he does get knocked out first round, it’s a good start. I dig the non-tournament Bishop/Lush match though, that could be really good.

04/29/2011 – ECCW Chamber of Extreme

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It seems the dark matches are all-but-gone. In Vancouver, ECCW skipped the 7:50 match in favour of Suede/Lush vs the Bollywood Lions, and at Chamber of Extreme, the dark match dragons were nowhere to be found. What was found, however, was a great opener. NWA Canadian Jr. Heavyweight Champion defeated Stallyn Smith in a hard-fought contest which ended when Artemis Spencer locked on his brand new finisher, the Arty-choke! This was a good way to start the show – no lousy unadvertised matchups, just solid mat wrestling and aerial offense from Artemis and Stallyn.

After this match, Sweester and Smac come out to talk about how they will help anyone who helps them in the Chamber of Extreme. Azeem the Dream comes out, pledges his allegiance to Smac (nice continuity there, with the Chilltown past and whatnot) and in return, Sweester allows him a rematch for his Vancouver Island title. Out comes Jamie Diaz, again without Chuck Awesomesauce. Diaz eventually loses in a perfectly okay match against Azeem, losing the Vancouver Island title in the meantime. I honestly cannot care one iota for the Van Island title. There’s been nobody and nothing giving me any reason to care who the champion is, and the list of challengers for the belt so far isn’t getting anyone further than that. Jamie Diaz is better than it, Azeem doesn’t need it, I just don’t care. Retire it or something, or at least keep it on the Island.

J-Sin Sullivan loses to RICK. RICK is a wonderfully bitter, cold-hearted bastard and I love every second of it. He’s supremely talented as a heel, and I’m glad he’s no longer the relatively bland babyface that he was. As for the match, anyone who reads these reviews knows my thoughts on J-Sin. I think he’s dreadful. This match was no different, the only saving grace of it being RICK’s antics.

Post-match, Moondog Manson came out for an interview. He talked about how Ravenous Randy was in Hawaii and had postponed the hardcore title rematch. He almost powerbombed ring announcer, interviewer, and commentator Patrick McClorey, but Commissioner Insane Bill Coltrane stopped him, threatening him with suspsension or something. Moondog leaves, and McClorey announces the next match.

Ray Brooks teams with Jordie Taylor against Cremator and Danni Deeds, who had some mysterious hooded figure by their side. Imagine what Deeds looked like before he revealed himself as being in the Church of the Divine Prophecy, and you have a good idea of what this dude looked like, although he looked a little better. Ray and Jordie got destroyed, squashed, defeated, obliterated, splattered, manhandled, tossed, shredded, beaten, tickled, teased, poked slightly, they LOST, and brutally. Cremator set Jordie Taylor up for a chokeslam, Deeds tried for a lungblower as Jordie went down, it didn’t go as planned, but post-match they hit the poor dude with it again, and they get all of it. I would not want to be Jordie Taylor now, I’m sure he’s in a ton of pain. The match was quick, and about as good as you’d think. Nothing to really write home about, but a solid bout nonetheless.

I dislike Tenille Tayla. But, her match with Veronika was surprisingly good. With the Natural handcuffed to the ring post, Tenille was eventually able to take down Veronika with her trademark submission. You’d think, though, that with it being her trademark submission, she’d be able to put it on quicker. And it still just does not look painful at all, but it must be, because Veronika taps out. Before this match even started, Nicole Matthews told Tenille that if she left ECCW, the show would not be called “Diva’s Last Dance”, It’d be called “Wrestler’s Last Wrestling Match”. Entertaining talk as always from Nicole.

Pete Powers. Pete god-damned Powers. Normally, when someone turns heel, they break loose, they yell at people, they’re vastly more entertaining than they’ve ever been, then as they turn face and heel and face and heel, they hit an equilibrium, they have their character. They’re no longer the cliche white-meat babyface, nor the cliche cocky heel. They’re a personality with their own moves and mannerisms. This being said – I can’t wait for Powers to turn back into a face. As a babyface, when he’s hit his element, he’s great. He’s powerful, he’s fun, he’s a little over-the-top sometimes but generally he’s really fun to watch. As a heel, he’s cliche, he’s not intense at all, he’s damned boring. Not even Tony Baroni could make this match interesting, and I was glad to see it end. A double countout after a brutal dropkick from the top to the outside spelled the end, but that wasn’t all. After the match, Powers kept on attacking Baroni, causing KC Spinelli to come out. Powers almost smokes her with a chair, but The Natural stops him, telling him that he wishes he could smack her with a chair too, but it’s a bad idea. Powers doesn’t, and leaves. Wonderful. Baroni seemed almost replaceable in this match, not a role that the NWA/ECCW Canadian champion should play. He needs a big time feud, now.

Forget that shit though, because the Chamber of Extreme is set and ready. Phantasmo and Smac have an INSANE match in an INSANE structure that the crowd was eating up. Normally a crowd is insane for the highspots – but tonight, all Phantasmo had to do was kick out to make the crowd go wild. The crowd made this match so much better, which is impressive because the match was already great. Match of the year candidate? Possibly. Match of the night? By far. Phantasmo wins, keeps his job, everyone’s happy happy and the show ends with a hell of a bang.

You Probably Haven’t Heard of It – Lefty Lucie

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It pays to spend time looking for new music. I have a ton of bookmarks I’ve aggregated over the years of all types. Netlabels, blogs, creative commons libraries, playlists, internet radio stations, you name it I’ve used at least one extensively. Around 2005, 2006, I found one of my favourites of all time – Download.com. The Download music section used to have an extensive selection of all genres, styles, locations, etc. Tons of super-unknown artists just waiting for someone to discover them poured out of every page, and they even carried more mainstream artists too. Joan as Police Woman and Suzanne Vega both had promotional tracks on there, as well as Slipknot and many more.

My favourite of all those artists that I’ve listened to from that website is easily Lefty Lucie. They’re a self-proclaimed rock group from South Florida, but they’re closer to pop-rock. They’re summery, enjoyable, yet they still manage to put forward a lot of raw, visceral emotion in their tracks. They’re not revolutionary songwriters, but try to listen to El Guapo without getting it stuck in your head. Their songs are simple, relying on instruments to create permanently memorable songs, while vocalist Lucie Wood uses her immaculate, piercing voice it all just sound even sweeter.

Lefty Lucie is so talented, that I honestly have no idea how more people haven’t listened to them – but after some quick googling, I find out. They’re hard to find! There’s not a lot of sites that really index them among more popular artists, they’re all search engines – where you’d have to know what you’re looking for to find it – or Myspace. To find Lefty Lucie, you pretty much have to already know them, unless you stumble across them like I did.

But what happened to Download.com? Well, it merged with Last.FM, which may be a useful music discovery service, but it’s nowhere near as good. There are tons of alternatives, but I’ll detail those in a future post. For now, you can find Lefty Lucie at:




You Probably Haven’t Heard of It – Blair Crimmins and the Hookers

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BEST. BEST BEST BEST BEST BEST. Blair Crimmins and the Hookers is a swing-revival act from the States, and their sound may be one of the greatest things to ever come out of the independent scene. Swing revival is a quality genre as it is, but Blair Crimmins takes that concept and expands upon it, bringing tons of different sounds and speeds into the mix, making attention-grabbing music that can make you dance one minute, make you laugh the next, and I’m sure if he wanted he could make you cry. Blair Crimmins is an expert at not only creating a sound reminiscent of a far-past time, but he creates the look as well.

Their first album is called The Musical Stylings Of Blair Crimmins and the Hookers. Immediately, Blair Crimmins and the Hookers paint the unique nature of the album clearly, as the opening horns play and Crimmins’ gravely voice starts to ring out. The album gets better and better from there, giving 12 songs that are so close in quality, it’s hard to name a favourite – if track 5: Oh Angela didn’t exist. Oh Angela is a song about infidelity, friendship, alcohol, and camaraderie. However, more importantly – it’s so easy to dance to that it should probably be criminal. I cannot stay still while this song plays – it’s simply impossible and it’s a fool’s errand to try.

The bad thing about Blair Crimmins is that they have such a unique sound that it’s hard to find acts like it. If you like The Hookers and want more of them, I can’t really suggest much. Maybe Andrew Bird’s Bowl of Fire, but Andrew Bird is just nowhere near as upbeat and happy. So listen to Blair Crimmins and the Hookers, because they’re wonderful and you should love them forever and always.



You Probably Haven’t Heard of It – Dessa

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I’ll start this one by saying that I’ve never been that knowledgeable about rap. The mainstream of the genre generally instantly turns me off, and I don’t generally care enough about the indie scene to get tons of it. Dessa is a strange example, however. Coming out of the Doomtree music group from Minneapolis, Dessa has incredibly intelligent lyrics, catchy songs, and combines traditional singing with rap flow to create tracks that stand out in the memory forever.

Dessas even written a book, apparently. Sexy.

Her début EP False Hopes started out with one of the most memorable openers I’ve ever heard: Mineshaft. Although the rest of the EP isn’t nearly as catchy, the lyrics remain profound and even chilling to the very last second. Then, her first full-length album came on the scene, A Badly Broken Code. To be honest, I was a little frightened. False Hopes  was good, but how would she fill out an entire album?

Dessa is criminally good at opening tracks because the first few seconds of Children’s Work almost removed every negative suspicion I had. The rest of the album was equally solid, a handful of catchy tracks mixed in with less catchy but more lyrically solid songs. She even sings about her relation to the rest of the Doomtree crew.

Bottom line, if you’re at all a fan of rap, you need some Dessa. If you’re not, listen to Mineshaft. If you like that, check out the rest of her work.




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